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Bubble updates needs to not be as in your face and more optional. At least 3 times bubble updates have broke my app and customers are angry

Bubble updates need to no be as in your face.

When you’re a developer updating your framework can break your app. Right now it looks like you have no choice but to update your bubble framework. I would like the option. Every time I log in, it tells me to update.

It has broken my app 3 times. Now I test a lot, but I also have users constantly on my app. So If I need to make a small UI change, then update my framework that breaks my app, it really is a problem.

A better solution would be to make updates harder to impliment. Like a dropdown with bubble versions. I would update once a month.

Basically, this has happened 3 times. This week I have spent all week trying to fix the problem as well as mend relations with customers. This wee was the worst

I highly recommend that bubble framework updates are much harder to implement. This poses a huge scalability problem.

I love bubble, but at the end of the day, we need the frameworks to not break the app as often.

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