Bubble URL Configuration

I have the following two pages on my app:


how do I change mysite.com/my_lists to either of the following:


The page ‘app’ would be both it’s current self and my_lists. If the url has the querystring page=my_lists you’d hide group app and show group my_lists. So then you’d use Go to page > App > send more params > page:my_lists

Your hidden group suggestion is how I currently have it setup.

However, I need to split the groups into seperate pages because I can’t figure out how to refresh API data without refreshing my entire page.

You just need to create a fictitious header value that updates to the current date and time

Thanks. I already tried the date header method, which works, but not for nested RGs. (That method requires ‘Display Lists’, which don’t seem to work for nested RGs)