Bubble using out of date, jquery versions with security vulnerabilities

I am trying to get approved to launch an app on the Zoom marketplace. As part of that approval process they scan the app with Google Lighthouse. In doing so they detected that Bubble.io us using the old versions of Jquery:

Library Version - Vulnerability Count - Highest Severity
jQuery@3.1.1 - 3 - Medium
jQuery UI@1.12.1 - 3 - High

How can I get my instance of bubble to leverage versions of Jquery that do not have know security vulnerabilities.

The only thing we non-Bubble engineers can do is check to see what version of Bubble we’re on. Are you on the latest version, by chance? No clue if that’ll fix it, but it’s worth a look.

If not, this might be something to send off in a bug report.

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