Bubble Video Element no longer working


I’m having an issue with Bubble’s Video element. I had used previously about a week or two ago and it was working for the most part but now 9 out of 10 youtube vides won’t load. Youtube videos are huge component of my site, is anyone else having this issue with video element. For reference you can visit my live site to see what I mean wachdit.com. If anyone has any idea what is wrong, I would appreciate the help.


Do you have your cookies on?

Check this post out: Video not working

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Where in the settings can you allow cookies? I only see an option to ask users for permissions to set cookies. Thanks in advance really appreciate it.

No problem. :+1: Here is where you find it:

I tried unchecking and checking it, doesn’t seem to work. Tried deploying it and opening it in incognito to avoid cookies as well. That setting should only be affecting if your Bubble site’s sets cookies on your users by default or if it has to ask permission to do so.

So as long as you leave that box unchecked it should work. You want to have cookies set in order for videos to be played without interruption. Does it work if you are logged in?

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