Bubble vs Wordpress for SEO?

Hey guys,
I’m wondering if Bubble is good for SEO, or if I should consider building the public front end in WordPress instead. I see there are new SEO features witihin bubble but I haven’t tested them.

Bubble is fine but wordpress is better if you don’t mind paying for the additional site…only thing you can not do for SEO in Bubble is achieve a 100% on the performance ranking via Google Page Insights, otherwise, the other 3 categories can have a 100% mark achieved in Bubble.


not sure about accessibility…

I’ve done it…a bit of a pain but it can be done. One of the hardest things is tracking down the elements that do not have names, because for some reason, certain element types in Bubble do not expose the name we give it, and the only way to get the name exposed is to add a text value for the tooltip on hover, which is then exposed as the name of the element.


what was the way you did it?
I worked to fix a lot of a11y issues with custom code, but it’s a big pain. My goal wasn’t the page insight score (that can’t do a lot of other important manual checks for a11y) but making the page a bit better for a11y (eg. announcing buttons/icons etc with proper names instead of “button”, making explicit that a popup is triggered and controlled by a specific button).

I used this website to check my page. The scores are provided and for anything that is not 100, they give you a breakdown of the things that caused the score to be less. Then based on that information, which is very detailed and easy enough to follow, I made the necessary changes.

Any issues that caused the score to be less than 100 that I was not able to fix on my own, I alerted Bubble support to. So, for one instance, they provided me the insight as to which element the page insights was referring to, since Bubble didn’t expose the name for it, then turning to the forum, found out to use the tooltip input to get a name exposed. On another occasion, which was today, as I tested my page again in an attempt to show the score, and I noticed issues that didn’t exist before that are due to Bubble bug of some kind, which for this case are errors in the console logs, which I believe are the fault of Bubble.

So hopefully Bubble support can get that up to engineering and they can fix it so my SEO best practices score can again be 100.

Another thing I did too was to read all the linked information regarding certain issues reported, so I could understand more about things like the color contrast needed, or the margin spacing between clickable elements and things like that.

Great tips, I’ll go with bubble then since it’s easier to keep it integrated. Thanks!

thank you for your reply. The problems I was fixing are more specific than what is found with a lighthouse test and in turn require some more involved solution that works but I feel like there should be another way. Of course like you say a lot of this problems could/should be solved by bubble. I was hoping you found another easier solution that I didn’t found yet :upside_down_face:

this is useful for at least the button name issue and it’s an easy fix. I appreciate it. thanks

What were the problems you were trying to fix that would not be spotted by a lighthouse test and would negatively impact the accessibility rating by Google?

I don’t think they affect google rating directly, but they affect users interacting with the page using assistive technology or keyboard only.
For example workflows added on elements other than buttons need extra attributes to get announced properly. same thing to announce the connection between a button and a popup/groupfocus. keyboard navigation is often broken.
other platforms let you handle all of that easily. Maybe one day bubble will add the missing functionality, in the meantime the workaround is adding more js to fix the missing parts and slow down the initial performance score :person_shrugging:

Oh, yeah, I was not focused on things other than the Google rating, so did not attempt to do anything for assistive technology or keyboard only scenarios.