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Bubble Web app to ‘’iOS’’ conversion []


We are excited to announce that is now offering both ‘‘iOS’’ and Android conversion with the same effectiveness as before.

You will be able to upload your iOS builds straight to your App Developer account seamlessly and without the need to own a Mac or Xcode.

You will also be able to test your app on device and share it via TestFlight before release.


The delivery time is slightly longer than Android due to App Store process (12 to 24 hours before being able to share build upload confirmation).

Once uploaded, you only need to customize your app with graphic assets, description etc and you are good to go!


  • White label splash + Webview.
  • File / Camera upload ability.
  • Push notification with One Signal.
  • Geolocation permission.
  • App store uploaded build, seamlessly.
  • Install on device and test before release.
  • No coding required.
  • All Google fonts rendering.
  • Free info.plist updates (permissions)

We’ve also updated our pricing as follows:

iOS: $39
Android: $19

**Get a discount with our promo code: stayhome, valid until May 15th.

Ideate, Nativate!

Other forum topic:


How’s your support for push notifications?

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Hi @alejandrowunderlich,

We’ll help you generate the .p12 for OneSignal.
We also recommend that you go through the documentation:


Great one @Sam! Looking forward to try it out once I finish building my app. Stupid question: Do I need to pay $39 again and go through the whole process every time I update my app?

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Hi @yongling.cho,

Thank you. As far as your app ‘content’ is concerned, you don’t have to pay as it will be instantly rendered upon redeployment. (Web app to converted app).

However if you want to change your app URL or logo, you can do it one time for free. After that it is paid.


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Got it. Thanks so much for the clarification!

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I tried your Android app conversion and really liked a lot of what I saw. I had some items I need to troubleshoot before I can put it up on the Play Store, and I also need to resubmit the logo image because it doesn’t look quite right. I sent a few emails to support over the past week and haven’t heard anything back. How do I do this?

Also, is there anywhere I can look for support on technical issues? The main problem I saw was that the back button only refreshed the page, it didn’t move backwards. This makes navigating the app very unwieldy, and impossible if you click on a link to an external website from it. I can’t put it up on the Play Store in that state. I’d like to use the iOS converter too if I can get the Android app fixed. I realize for $40 you can’t be tinkering with every conversion you do, but I would expect functions like a back button would work. My website is highly stable and optimized for mobile.



Hello Matt,

Thank you for using!
I can see you had an exchange with support on live chat.

We are releasing a major update by Sep 1st, you probably received our email recently.

If you receive an updated apk now you will have to request a new update shortly after Sep 1st to benefit from the new features.

As for the back button it is currently reloading your home page. Please add navigation buttons on your web app, this will increase your approval chance by the stores. Website like apps can have hard time during release.

Please let me know if your wish to get an immediate update, we´ll arrange it asap.


Thank you Sam! I saw an email from Nativator that the API 29 update was coming. I’ll wait for that updated APK with the new features and take it from there. I really like that Nativator is opening up the possibility of apps to so many - it’s been cost prohibitive for our business until now. We got various price quotes ranging from expensive to ridiculous in the past.

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Thanks for the good vibes!
You’ll receive the update shortly.

I got the updated APK and the back button works great, thank you Sam! Now I’m working on getting my launcher icon images fixed, and then I can release this thing into the wild.

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Wonderful! We are looking forward to seeing the app live on the stores :star_struck:.

Do you already have the login with apple account? Since April, Apple has been demanding that all new apps have this login method.

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We don’t provide signup systems, this should be implemented in your Web app which will be submitted for conversion.
More details on:

Live right here!

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Awesome! That was fast :smiley: will add your app in our demo gallery.
All the best to EatDrinkDeals!


Thanks Sam! And we did the iOS conversion yesterday and it looks great. Any thoughts on how to get a back button for that version as well?

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Thanks for using!
Back button on Iphone is not applicable since there is no physical button.
We are thinking about a swipe system to go back for iOS. Will keep you posted on this.


Sounds great, thanks! The swipe system is what I was seeing the most discussion about when I was researching this issue yesterday.

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Is there a nativator plugin to include the geolocation function and Push notifications? How do I define where I want to include?