Bubble / Webflow freelancer available

Well, it’s my time to offer my service! :grin:


I’m Franck, no code developer with Bubble and Webflow with a year of experience.

I’ve developed my own SaaS, on my own, TopNotch-Post ( LinkedIn post generator ), a LinkedIn post generator powered with AI. I’ve done some projects for clients, for friend or for me, you can check that here on my portfolio ( Franck’s portfolio ).

I want to work as a freelancer to meet new people and project in the no-code world, and to finance and invest in my project, especially TopNotch-Post’s marketing ( not my best skill :sweat_smile: ).

I talk about webflow here as well because I can merged a Webflow landing page and blog (better for SEO and design) with a Bubble application.

I’m available at full time.

Feel free to reach me here or at contact@franckwebpro.com

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