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Bubble Webview camera permission


We build a community membership management application on bubble our customers now accessing the app through an android and ios webviews.
we are trying to add a page where members could scan a QR code at the entrance then their attendance will be recorded on the database once the QR code is scanned.

we have used this plugin [QR Code Scanner Plugin | Bubble](https://QR code scanner)
and it worked very well through a browser on the phone.

But when we used the webviews installed on the devices the QR reader does not start because their is no permissions enabled for the application.

any suggestion of a way to add camera access permission to the webview app both android and ios will appreciated.

thanks in advance.

@matad there’s no way to do that unless you have access to the code and add the code to request the permissions.

Yes Kayami , If you mean the swift webview code I do have access to it.