Bubble, why dost thou not use <p> tags?

I’m creating a blog and the first thing I’ve noticed is that Bubble leaves a lot lot be desired in terms of web standards/semantics.

For example, if you ever view the page source on one of your pages, you’ll notice that everything is in divs. Even if you have a text field with multiple lines of text, every line is a new div rather than a p tag.

And yet, according to W3C ( HTML Standard ):

“Authors are strongly encouraged to view the div element as an element of last resort, for when no other element is suitable. Use of more appropriate elements instead of the div element leads to better accessibility for readers and easier maintainability for authors.”

The text editor plugins aren’t doing much better.

And I don’t see anything about web standards, semantics, or SEO on the Bubble Roadmap. Makes me a little worried, but perhaps this is just the wrong tool for that. Just wanted to put this out there while I contemplate what to do.


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