Bubble Will Be Down for an Hour?

Will Bubble actually be down for 1 hour? @eve @allenyang

Even if it’s not for a full hour, is there an easy way we can show our end users that the system is down for an hour and to come back later instead of the app just not working?

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Where was this posted? It’s going down for maintenance at 4pm today? During business hours??

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It’s posted on the Bubble status page at status.bubble.io

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It would be great if we got an email or notice on the Bubble site about this, or even an announcement on the forums…just Bubble being even MORE professional :man_facepalming:


@rukevweb I did get an email. You can sign up for notifications on the status page. It’s very helpful to know what is going on.

It’s posted on the Bubble status page at status.bubble.io

Hope that helps! :blush:

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No offence but do you actually just check that page daily in case there’s maintenance? I’ve never heard of a company doing maintenance during business hours and not even telling anyone. I’ll be sure to email my users now and let them know our application is going offline in a few hours then.

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Yes, but it would be great if it was an official email. Not everyone is subscribed to that. We didn’t even get a forum announcement, or a banner on the site or something,


Having to opt in to notifications that the system is going down for maintenance? Why would that not be mandatory for all administrators? Why would anyone not want to know when maintenance is going to take down their site?

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It’s funny, I was actually so happy to get this notification. I was like, “Wow, that is more like it. An advanced notice of possible system issues.” I think everyone should sign up for these notifications. I am sure not everyone wants to get all these notifications, but I find them super helpful. :blush:


Hey folks!

We’re definitely not expecting 1 full hour of downtime. Best case, we’ll be down for 5 seconds; worst (foreseen) case, ~5 minutes. The problem is that we are not sure when during the hour the downtime may occur, so we’ve blocked out the whole thing just in case.


Thanks for your response. Good to know! I’ve let my users know in advance also :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but Bubble’s official response is that it’s acceptable to do maintenance at 4pm in the middle of a business day? I don’t care if it’s 5 seconds or 5 minutes why would you schedule maintenance at 4pm? You just said yourself, you blocked an hour just in case. So you’re actually saying that Bubble considers it acceptable for customer’s to be down for potentially an hour at 4pm on a Thursday. Wow!

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We are certainly conscious of your frustration here! However, we have clients all across the globe: there is no one time that would be great for everyone on the platform to have downtime. We selected 4pm EDT because that is a time that our team is still on the clock and available to monitor the update to ensure that everything goes smoothly and downtime is minimized.

This update is necessary to reduce downtime across the platform, as it is a fix for the underlying cause of the unexpected outage experienced platform-wide on Tuesday mid-day EST.


You know we Americans ignore the rest of the globe. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in the other side of globe. We are not all live in United states. Why you are keep saying during business hours.:slightly_smiling_face:

When you have a global business, weekends become great equalizers of “business hours”


I didn’t see any type out outages during the maintenance period :man_shrugging:

Problem is, some of the apps on our platform experience higher user traffic on the weekends–there’s simply no winning!

Looks like we did okay for this maintenance round, folks, and thank you for sticking with us.


Mine seems to be TIMEOUT’ing a lot right now. Probably from the maintenance? Now it crashed.

Its fine for me