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Bubble with MySQL Database Recursive Queries

Hi All,

Hope you are well and safe.

We have an existing android app with the backend database as MySQL. We are exploring using bubble to develop another app using the same database. Until now we have completed the following setup:

  1. Connected bubble to our MySQL database using SQL connector.
  2. Created queries in the sql connector plugin with variables.
  3. Using queries as actions and data source in bubble application.
  4. Successfully executed Select, Update and Insert commands.
  5. Created the search functionality which searches for products through the mysql database.

Now what we are trying to achieve is:

  1. Create an add to cart functionality in bubble using products stored in tables from mysql database.
  2. Update the MySQL database with the products bought by a user through the bubble application.

The main issue I am facing is how to run recursively the insert command on all the products a user has bought so that they are added in multiple tables in the mysq database.

Has anyone achieved this kind of integration before? Thanks for the help.


Shashank Raina

What is the datatype of your product cart? A list-of-things? Items stored in a temp table on the Bubble side?