Bubble without paid plugin's

Being a no-coder [bubble.is] bubble is tough… well if bubble had a team of robust programmer … just line of alphabets, numeric s & integers (two to five - coder’s) to make instant plugin & and api’s attributes… may be even PWA logic’s … as per the users requirement at trough away pricing…

i guess my app would have been online and subscribed to bubble a year ago…

Can’t understand if its Window’s playground… or a Apple crusade.

Well try to learn … bubble… and the coding HTML, Javascript, Jquery etc to use bubble.

@emmanuel @josh

I’m nearing the completion of a pretty large web app and I haven’t had to use a single paid plug-in. If you think Bubble is difficult, attempt making what you’ve made so far on here by coding it line by line yourself. It will put things back into the CORRECT perspective real quick.

Yes, there are moments of frustration and yes it does take a lot of work still, but it’s well worth it and no one is going to give you a magic wand. You have to work at it and things become even easier over time.

Keep your head up and keep at it.

@sounderly.help yes the instance of coding and not coding… but why is bubble not trending rather making the user to add or buy simple features… like media player slide … which is pretty much HTML5

I din’t knew what was HTML …video, audio… player, unless if bubble had such simple plugins preset…

The whole concept of wire framing & programming has changed due AI & PWA

And, being in bubble … i learnt the html basic in one day… and its been two year… can’t understand why a RG doesn’t show a List of thing’s in a list format