BubbleCon is today, in NY and remotely!

Hi everyone,

BubbleCon, our first user conference, is today! Hundreds of you are joining us in person in NYC, and thousands more virtually — very excited to meet and connect with you all!

You can see the full lineup of sessions and events here. A few things in particular I wanted to highlight:

Josh and I will share exciting news about the future of Bubble, including upcoming product releases, during our keynote address tomorrow, October 25 at 10 AM ET.

And later that day (3:15 PM ET), we’re doing a live, hour-long AMA, so make sure to join and bring your questions with you.

We hope to see you there! And if you haven’t already, you can get your free virtual ticket here.




Exactly! :joy:🫡

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Looking forward to attend virtually!


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Looking forward to 2nd day attending remotely! :slight_smile:

Pretty stoked about this announcement today! Native mobile apps coming mid 2024, y’all!

Thank you for putting on a great conference, @emmanuel


Sounds too good to be true! This would be amazing

I was super excited for the Bubble Table™, but this is a whole new level of excitement.

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What is the Bubble Table? I feel like I missed something :rofl:

This is awesome!! Any other highlights or exciting features announced today?

Bubble AI and Bubble Mobile are two amazing announcements and can’t wait to start using it.

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Sounds awesome. I hope they consider the entire suite of features that will be required to make a truely native experience, for example:

  • Being able to control popups (position, quite a minor change but will allow us to build native feeling slide up action menus etc)

  • Being able to hook into native functions/controls (notifications, location, haptics etc)

Yup they announced a lot more. Full native mobile…

I need to check it out later, is it actually native or just a 1st party wrapper??

Check their 30 sec promo video… Seems to be native ?? Thoughts?

Sounds like a major technically overhaul if it actually is native. Not saying they can’t do it but we will wait to see the specifics :laughing:

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Love the push for native but just like the new expression editor and the table element, I’ll give it a year after release before taking it seriously.


Yes, they announced what’s next on their roadmap but it’s mostly things they’ve already been very transparent about wanting to improve and build.

It was reassuring to learn that enterprise-sized apps and scaling and large database manipulation tools are front of mind for them as my app continues to grow. They emphasized many times that their goal is to minimize reasons why anyone would want to use any other database for the backend rather than their own built-in one.


Thanks for the screenshot, very helpful! The page load performance has indeed been mentioned before, but it’s encouraging to see it soon in the timeline. Did they go into detail on what sorts of improvements they’re hoping to see? I.e. 2 second first load time, or capitalizing on the Cloudflare network for better caching, etc?