BubbleCon Schedule?

Is anyone able to get through to the BubbleCom schedule?

Also, what’s Hopin by RingCentral and why should I be using it?

Seems to be working now. Temporary glitch I suppose

Hopin is the platform they’ll use for the virtual conference. Only needed if you’re not attending in person, I believe.

Ah okay! Yes I see they have lots of virtual events lined up, so that will be nice!

Thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No problem - by the way, if anybody knows where they are actually holding the event, can you let us know? The agenda mentions “The Expo” but I can’t find anywhere with that name.


I believe it was previously said to be in the Chelsea/Flatiron area, which is near where the recommended hotels are (and near Bubble HQ). But yeah, would like to know the specific location for planning purposes.

Hi there!! The in-person portion will take place at the Expo at Starrett-Lehigh. You can view it on Google Maps here.

You actually want to have Hopin if you’re attending in-person as well, as there will be interactive elements in person (and check-in!) that necessitate having Hopin. There’s a mobile app version too that makes it especially easy :slight_smile:

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