BubbleHouse for remote workers in 2021?

Bonjour bubblers,

I’ve built HackerHouse (bubble) and would love to remote work with others bubblers.

Anyone interested?

After lockdown is over ofc :slight_smile:

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I’ve been remote for a few years now and usually go to co-living or at least co-working spaces so this is definitely something I’d consider. I’m heading to Costa Rica soon so no upcoming plans for that side of the pond, but maybe one day

Edit, actually checked out your website now (as I think I remembered it being a Paris thing before) and notice you have a number of partner locations, looks cool! If you have any CR hookups let me know :wink:



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Yes I didnt plan to do something worldwide until COVID… I should buy .com :joy:

Awesome I will add CR to our list and see what our partners have :slight_smile:

Let me know if you come around ASEAN or EU