Bubbler Discount for a live class on customer onboarding

Hey fellow Bubblers, I’m teaching a class this coming Thursday I thought some of y’all may be interested. There are a ton of great teachers on how to use Bubble, so I’m not retreading that content…instead I’m talking more about the customer journey and how to think about building a customer onboarding plan.

The live, interactive class is this Thursday at 9 pm EST. I lead a customer success team responsible for a book of business with multiple tens of millions of dollars in subscriptions at my day job, so the customer journey is something I think about a lot. I’m not publicly sharing the name of the company I work for for a few reasons, but you can check my LinkedIn here if you want to see my credentials.

I’m providing 10 50% codes for Bubblers that are interested in attending. If you can’t make the date and time, but still want the content, let me know and I’ll come up with something.

You can register here (coupon already applied): https://www.andrewgassen.io/dash-to-value-principles-of-customer-onboarding?coupon=BUBBLERONBOARD


@andrewgassen, this could not have come at a more opportune time. I am in the final stages of preparing my >1 year labor of love for launch, and so newbie onboarding is top of mind. I love the CI thinking in the shplurb, so there’s plenty of alignment. Just registered and looking very forward.

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I’m looking forward to meeting you live!