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Bubblers in Austin?

Any Bubblers in Austin? I’ve been doing a lot of evangelizing and awareness-raising about my app in Austin. To my knowledge, nobody else in this town has built anything on Bubble, let alone launched a fully-functioning app.

Would love to meet up and discuss our projects.


I’m in Austin, along with my two partners (both bubblers). We’ve boostrapped a profitable businesses built on bubble.



@scott3 @InCommonq I’m just south of Tyler and I don’t think there’s anyone else around here. I’d be interested in discussing efforts. Not that far away for a drive if needed. I’m currently building a fairly large scale SAAS app for the construction industry, with my first customer pushing me to get it finished. :slightly_smiling_face:

@scott3 I’m interested in hearing about your bootstrap success story.

Right on man. I’ve been a bit of a hermit these last few months so I can focus properly, but would be happy to get together in the next few weeks and catch up.

BLUF on our success story - (me, @christoff12, and 3rd founder Christian)
We had people we worked with that had a problem, and we knew we could develop something to alleviate that pain. I developed an MVP in a few weeks with help from many experts (@dan1 @copilot @romanmg and others), and for the last few months have been adding to it and growing my skills.

Being a junior fullstack dev helped, as just because we’re no code doesn’t obviate the need to think like a programmer.

We were profitable week 1, and are now close to 6 figure profitability/year.

Certainly would have struggled even more without pulling on experts early and often.
I feel I’ve found every edge case and area in which bubble can improve, but we’ve persevered and now have a company to show for it.


And one more shoutout to the @copilot team, really.
They’ve all (and Salar in particular) worked around the clock and til early in the morning with me to get things done and I would have been lost without their guidance. They’ve developed plugin mods, overhauled UX/UI, and calmed me down when I need it.

Can’t say enough good things about them.

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Thanks brother!

I’m new in Austin and building on bubble!

This application still open ?