Bubblers in Colombia?

I will be traveling to Colombia this fall and I was wondering if there were any other Bubblers down there who might want to meet up. If so, let me know!

Most of my time will be in Medellin but will also have brief stops in Bogota, Cartagena, Santa Marta

Hi, this topic is since too much time ago, but If you come again, I’m from Bogotá - Colombia and I would like to meet Bubblers.
Also anything you need here that can be done remotely, I’m glad to help you.

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Gracias parce! I loved Colombia so much that first time that I went back a second time for a couple months. I spent most of my time in Medellin though because I loved the weather there.

I don’t have any plans to return soon, but there is something special about the country and the people there that I know I will return one day :colombia:

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I’m from Colombia too

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I’m very glad to hear this !!! yes Medellín is awesome (my father’s family is frome there, but I live in Bogotá).

Hope you came back.

Have a nice day !