Bubble's current bug queue status

Hi all,

I’m beginning this thread on the forum to give periodic updates about how our bug process is currently faring. This is in the interest of communicating more about what’s going on ‘behind-the-scenes’ and to help set expectations among the community.

We’ve seen more bugs being filed in the last few weeks (perhaps a bump from the summer and more people spending more time on Bubble?). Our queue of bugs for Engineering to look at is on the longer side at the moment, but the team working on the queue is valiantly doing their best to address them.

All this is to say that it may take us a bit longer to get to a particular bug. As always, we do triage the bugs and address higher priority ones sooner as they pop up.

For those curious, at this point, we don’t see many noticeable patterns from bugs that have recently come in (we usually address any such pattern sooner).

Will update this thread once we’ve gotten the queue down to a more normal level.



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