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Bubbles pricing - how to get along with only 1 development version? Or even two? Little two cents rant

Just my two cents:

I have spent a crazy amount of time learning bubble and building a clients finance calculator with the personal plan. Now I have released an alpha version and I will have the need to create a dashboard and probably much more.
The performance of the app is so far really good and the for now the performance from the personal plan is really sufficient. In fact the graph for showing the capacity is always at 0.

But I have come to the point to realize this huge pain point about the amount of exactly ONE development version. I have not really paid attention to this since this kind of “feature” should never really come into ones way. But bubble forces you to actually pay almost 350% more to just get another development version. How is this possible?

How do you guys handle this? Even with 2 versions I won’t really be able to handle this.

Let’s assume I need to:

  • create a backend
  • fix issues in the main app
  • add features to the main app

→ This is already IMPOSSIBLE with either the personal or the professional plan.

I would be fine to maybe pay 10$ each version or something else but why does bubble make it so hard. I am really confused.

Thanks for listening.


Yeah I hear you and I have raised this same issue with folks at Bubble. I’m on the professional plan which includes 2 versions, but really would love to have 4 but at least 3. Currently my only option is to pay quadruple what I pay now for 20 versions, which is way more than I need.

The good thing is that, having raised this with some folks at Bubble (and I’m sure others have as well) they hinted - don’t quote me here - that they are working on more options along these lines. I have no idea what that would look like, when it would happen, or even if it will happen, but for now I’m able to get by on 2 versions. Bubble is consistently improving, so I’m hoping this will come sooner rather than later.


My workaround was… for any new features, etc. I would create hidden pages and build and test them. The pages and data would only be visible if an admin was signed in. That way I could push smaller changes and fixes while working on larger improvements. Then when it was ready to go I would trade out the old pages with the new ones.

I could have used the two dev versions that were available under my plan, but I worried about something going haywire (and I had the impression that having multiple dev versions was buggy), so I opted to keep things simple. But then again, I wasn’t running a big app, and I was the only one doing dev on it.


Version control that works properly, with branching etc is imminent. I’ve a friend Beta testing it in anger who says it works very well now.

No idea which plans it will be included with though.

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