Bubbles Stripe Plugin?

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Does anyone know if I use the bubble stripe plugin and am storing a CC, does it allow me access to a record that I can run a query off of? For example, if user has card on file - do this?

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Yeap you can

When you say yes, is it a field on the user record? It is one that bubble adds cause its bubbles plugin? I don’t have any payment method fields. I don’t know what to look for or how to do a conditional off of it. I tried reading through the documentation, but it doesn’t give that level of information.

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With Bubble Stripe plugin installed (with api keys, etc) you will see after current user … different options such as current user Stripe credit card, current user Stripe account id, and others.

These can be used in your flows, in conditions, etc


Thank you! I could have figured that out, but I never worked with bubbles plugin so I didnt get it. Thank you!

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