Bubble's Tab Ordering is a Mess - How to fix?

I have seen a bunch of posts in the forum about this but can’t seem to find any good solutions. This is a pretty big concern I would think Bubble would be worried about, because if we don’t have a way to allow users to tab through our apps correctly without a mouse, we are at risk for being sued for accessibility restrictions according to WCAG.

We need a way to order the elements on pages and how they are ‘tabbed.’ Currently it seems that it just goes in order of when the element was created.

In my use case this makes the navigation bars come last. Which is basically after clicking tab over 100 times.

Are you doing anything about this @bubble ?

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I think there might be a plugin…but I think I’ve tried it in the past and have never bothered to use it in an app.

I think you are correct about that

hahahaha…probably not. You could post an idea to the idea board as that is the response I get from Bubble support about every known limitation/bug I report to them. They claim the team looks at it regularly and uses it to create new features/improve the platform.

Thanks for the response @boston85719! I did see that there is this Fix Tab Order Plugin. But saw that it doesn’t work with the new responsive engine :confused:.

Haha makes sense. Well I’ll do that and post to ideaboard then. One of my ideas got pushed actually, so maybe I’ll get lucky again.