BubbleStone: The Bubble Game

So I saw this somewhere as a april-fools joke and I was wondering if I could replicate it in Bubble. Within an hour or so of Bubble-ing I succeeded. And here it is! A game in Bubble, for bubblers by bubblers :slight_smile:

BubbleStone is a Rock,Paper,Scissor (RPS) game.

You start with 100 Bubbles. You can invest those Bubbles in to BubbleCrates. A BubbleCrates rewards you with a random card (Common, Rare, Epic). Each card is of a specific type (Rock, Paper or Scissor). After obtaining 5 cards you can define your deck, place the cards in the order you want. Ready? Time to Battle!

Press the Battle-button to fight a random co-Bubbler. Win? And the spoils are yours! Lose? Wellโ€ฆ :smiling_imp:

Winning awards you 100 points (rise on the leaderboard) and 5 Bubbles. Losing will subtract -50 points.

Who will be first to the top?!


Let me know what you guys think

v1.0 Basic Game

In development:

  • Leaderboard
  • 2 more BubbleCrates
  • Implementing Rarity when there is a draw
  • Pick your opponent
  • Sell and trade cards
  • Ideas?