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[Bublance] Now Hiring


Is there anyone open for a freelance job? We have a job opening related to a Taxi App, please check the details and apply on the job if interested: - The first freelance marketplace dedicated to Bubble programmers

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Are you this type of person? :slight_smile:

Looking for an advanced Bubble developer who wants to dig in and work with me to iteratively enhance a sophisticated web app based on continual feedback from users […]

Love working with smart and capable people.

Find out more about this job on Bublance - Royal Bubble templates for startups

Do you know how to create a fundraising site in Bubble? Apply if you do :slight_smile: - Royal Bubble templates for startups

Curious to take this challenge: “functionality and look&feel will be similar to Facebook Marketplace.”? :calling:

If the previous marketplace is not your type, how about a sales agent and technical personnel portal? :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

Apply now, only a few hours left :slight_smile: