Bug affichage data


On a PopUp, I have correctly relie the parent group’s item but for some data, it doesn’t appear.

There is my case :

  • I want to show some details about an item on my marketplace
  • Once the popup is open, i correctly see the photos and the name, description of the article, but i can’t see the informations about the “Creator” (vendor, user) of the article, even if it’s correctly registered on the data base

Is there a known problem ?

I try on 2 different navigator (Safari and SideKicks), and it’s the same.

You will find attached a screen of my problem :

  • I want to show the vendor details on the shape at the top of the popup
  • You can see that others data of the article is correctly display.

Thank you for your help

have you checked the privacy rules?

Use debugger and find out if this is a privacy issue on your end

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Thank you very much. Effectively, the data was private.

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