[BUG] Duplicated "Unique" item in List

I believe a list of item ( only contain unique item, which duplicate is not allowed )

Data Structure
Order Receipt
→ Contain a List of Ordered Item ( another data )

A POS system allow to combine/split Receipt.

But, there is what happen after combine / split order:


in the List of Ordered Item in 1 Order Receipt,
You can see there is multiple duplication of Unique Item( Ordered Item) ( and thier Unique ID )

How can this happenned?
If i add a unique item into the list which already contain that unique item, the unique item in the list become 2??

** i am still studying the combine/split process.
*** is this Bug?

Contrary to what many people may think, lists in bubble can contain duplicate entries (as you’ve discovered), and when generating a list using ‘split by’ (which I assume is what you’re doing?) duplicate entries will remain in the list - it’s only once you start manipulating the list (i.e. adding or removing items) that duplicate entries get removed.

So just use the ‘unique elements’ operator on the list to remove duplicate items (that’s what it’s there for).

not using split by
Is data item each with their Unique IDs.

Is data item in my app database.

How are you generating the list?

  1. customer app order the item, ( create ordered Item )
  2. when placing order ( system create Order ( which contain a list of ordered item ) , price, and other info )

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