Bug? email confirmed shows yes but conditional acts like no

I am experiencing weird behaviour with the email confirmed value. I created a conditional to mark the button red when a user tries to login but does not have it’s email confirmed. As you can see in the screenshot the text field on the top shows yes while the button shows red for the same email address. Bug?Schermafbeelding 2020-07-03 om 10.26.06 Schermafbeelding 2020-07-03 om 10.26.26

I’m seeing this problem as well.

I reported it as a bug. Hope to see an answer soon

For those who want to work with the “email confirmed” value. This is what I figured out:

  • “email confirmed” value set to yes is only possible by confirming the email confirmation link.
  • “email confirmed” value can occure no (while it is yes) when privacy settings are not met. For example if your login form checks the value and privacy settings for non logged in users are not setup.
  • A user created by somebody else does not get the value yes for “email confirmed” value, meaning you can only use “email confirmed” value for access control for users who signed up themselves. So if you have an app where the admin signs up users with the workflow “create an account for somenone else” you can not use the email confirmed value for these users. You will need to create a custom field for that.
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