Bug in Comments and Notes?

Yes, I know that Bubble’s native notes for Elements, WFs, Actions, Data Types, Fields, Option Sets, Attributes, Privacy Rules, etc… are not the best way of documentation and that there is a third-party project underway to improve this.

That’s why we maintain our documentation in other ways.

But occasionally, a note here or there to help us remember something is important.

The problem is that I don’t know when this started to occur, but currently, if you have a note open for one of the items mentioned above and click on another item, the note does not update to the respective selected item, this can cause you to update the wrong note.

Currently you need to close the open note and open the note again on the desired item, does this happen to you?

Also, I think a correction is needed here in Bubble Docs @petter

Thanks for the doc correction @Newed. Will get that fixed.

As for the first part, have you reported this as a bug in the bug report form? Honestly not 100% sure what the intended behavior is.

I’ve used these notes a lot in the past to detail processes, and the behavior has always been “if the note icon is clicked on a new item, then the note text will update according to the note for the current item”, but now it seems that this does not happen.

I will submit a bug report.

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