Bug in multiselect dropdown picker plugin when using regex?

Hello, I am using the multiselect dropdown picker.
When I try to use the picker it seems to go into a recursion where the entries I am pulling get replicated endlessly.
Here’s what the output looks like
Has anyone had this issue using the multiselect dropdown picker? Or any ideas how to contain it?

That said, are there any other stable iterations users would recommend? Something that allows the user to add or drop entries. My product’s UI will show recommended keywords for the user’s entry. The user will then have the option of deleting from the suggestions or adding a keyword of their own.

Thank you for your help.

What is the type of the options? And what is the data source?

Type of options are text. The data source is a field in a database table from which I am extracting text using regex. SEe the attached screengrab.

Thank you for your help.

I take it that you need that source. If so, try doing the regex onto an rg first and have the msd get it from there and see if that helps.

If nothing else works consider transforming those texts into data types or option sets (this last one … manually).

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Hey @cmarchan , you are right. I just had to adjust the workflow to do the transformation before uploading into the datatype. And it works.
It’s a bug and I’ll post the thread on the plugin feedback, but for my current purpose I’m ok.

Thanks for nudging me to the right direction.

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Actually, I take it back. I tried other scenarios and the problem occurs again. The only way I can get rid of this recursion is to turn off the input parameter.

Any ideas, anyone?