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[BUG REPORT SENT] Database weird behavior

I have a repeating group which shows some fields in my database.
When my app starts, the fields get filled automatically.

  • The problem is - a couple of seconds after my website page loads, the fields get changed, despite me not setting a workflow for it to do so.

The weird thing is - when I view my website in debug mode (either “step-by-step” or “slow”), the website acts like it is supposed to. The problem only occurs when not in “step-by-step” or “slow” mode.

What could this be?
I’ve been trying to find the source of the problem for weeks.
I’m now of the thought that it could be a bug.

I’ve tried creating a fresh new repeating group and the problem still exists in that one too.

@emmanuel I’ve been trying to work this out for weeks.
Here’s a screen-recording for clarification…

Why would a bug in my app be present in “run” mode, but not in debug mode?

In “step by step” & “slow” mode, it’s fine.
But in “run” mode, the data changes without me making it change.

I’m very close to having to redo my whole app because of this.

If you think it’s a bug please file a bug report

I’m not sure if it’s a bug. I thought there could be a “do when data changes” or something like that which I’m not aware of.

I’ll file a bug report anyway.

Sorry @emmanuel I didn’t realize the bug-reporting process wasn’t on the forum. Did you send it to the proper place for me?

no prob

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