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Bug reporter for Bubble?

Is there a bug reporting site or some such for Bubble? I ran into a path that triggers a bug in the search box / dynamic choices part of the editor. Just in case, here’s the path:

  • Create a new search box
  • Let choices style remain dynamic choices (which is the default)
  • Click on Define list of options
  • Realize you didn’t want dynamic choices and go back to static choices after closing the box that pops up with define-list-of-options
  • Do your thing with the static choices

The issue identifier keeps reminding you that you have to choose a type for something. It seems that it wants a type for the options were you still in the dynamic choices style, even though you’ve changed the style.

Bugs are best reported to [email protected] I think.

That’s correct. When you send us an email, please make sure:

  1. that you tried using our (new) debugger to see whether it’s not an issue in your app
  2. generally speaking, if you get a message saying there was a ‘temporary bug’, it’s definitely a bug on our end
  3. when you send us an email, please include a link to the page / editor that shows the issue and a way to reproduce the bug and describe how to precisely reproduce the bug (including a login / password if needed).
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