🕷 [BUG] Server logs scroll forever

Has anyone else noticed that if you scroll to the end of the server logs, it just keeps repeating the last log item forever?

It confused the heck out of me until I realized what was going on. I thought the action was actually being run repeatedly. :confused:

Are you talking about the beta released today?

No, I’m using version 12 of the Bubble engine. I’m not enrolled in any beta program (as far as I know).

Just confirmed the issue in another app. Just scroll to the end of any server log. Once you hit the “true” end, the last item just keeps being appended to the log entries, such that the end of the logs is seemingly never reached.

Today, they released the beta version out to all apps

Maybe also file a bug report?

CC: @allenyang

Already did that. My post here was just a FYI. Thanks for the info. Should be easy for them to reproduce.

Thanks for bringing this up @sudsy! I’m the engineer who is working on the new logs backend. To clarify, @johnny is correct. Everyone is automatically using the new logs backend. This bug is on our list of issues to resolve. We appreciate you highlighting and reporting it.


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