Bug testing and bubble

Hey all
I’m wondering if anyone uses bug testing software with bubble?
I’d also like to know any nifty bug testing tips and tricks anyone might have…

I mean the debugger works well together with the preview screen, especially the step by step mode or within a workflow or at page load you can add break points.

Some things I do:
Have an excel with all main and secondary functions that I go through and check before every launch.
Including once logged in once logged out. Once with once without cookies.

On fiverr there are also some people who can go through your app for 15-30 USD to test for bugs, which is helpful.

With some workflows not working, what has helped me is set states or add pauses between actions, to make sure bubble does not “continue” too fast or with the wrong data.


I’m not aware of any testing automation that integrates with bubble but that’s an excellent question.

This thread goes into detail about testing - Build development management into bubble

I’d recommend these things that you can do today:

  1. Develop test cases for each feature you build into a spreadsheet. Track at a minimum what the feature should do, entry dates, pass or fail status, notes, maybe version.
  2. Test with a fresh set of eyes - someone that doesn’t develop,

This is by no means an exhaustive list.

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