[BUG] updating a list of images in an option set doesn't work

This bug has been turning me crazy for the longest time:
If you have an option set with a list of images, and you update one of the images on the list, it doesn’t update the option set when you hit save. You will have to delete all images and add them again.
For instance, if you have a list of 10 images and you want to update image #3, you will have to delete all 10, and insert them again with the new image #3 in the right place. Otherwise it won’t update.

Thanks for submitting and sorry for this behavior! In order for our team to be able to efficiently investigate this behavior, could you please submit a Bug Report, making sure that you’ve included all the information our team would need to troubleshoot as per this video? This will ensure that our bug investigation team is able to efficiently address your concerns.

Perhaps I don’t understand what you’re describing, but I can’t reproduce this. I just added an option set, added an attribute of type image and then added 3 options, each with a different image.

I then changed the image for option 2, and it updated just fine in a repeating group where the images are displayed. Of course, I had to refresh the page to see the updated image, but that’s to be expected.

Perhaps you can provide more detail, such as screenshots or a screencast.


This may sound obvious, but there can be caching issues in your browser, especially if files share the same name.

Have you tried loading it in incognito mode and see if it updates as expected there?

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