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Bug with pictureuploader

I have a problem with the pictureUploader.
I notice that the loading of the image is not in the good way since today. it worked perfectly well before.
Instead of having an image in portrait, I have it in the other way.
But, when I take off the option “limit image size before upload” it works perfectly but it’s really really too long to upload.
Can someone help or is it a bug?

Was the image taken with a mobile device? Sounds like it could indeed be a bug - or at least an oversight. You should probably report it.

FWIW, my Upload Buddy plugin is “orientation aware” and allows you to automatically scale the image before it’s uploaded so that the user really doesn’t have to do anything. They could select a 30 MB image, and you could resize it to whatever you want before it’s sent “across the wire”. That results in a better user experience, less bandwidth, and less Bubble storage utilized.


Yes, image was taken from mobile and come from my phone.

I Just report the bug because it used to work before.

Your plugin looks awesome. I’ll have a look if i don’t find an issue.

Thanks again

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