Bug with search in repeating group

Is it normal that I can’t find it here? Knowing that in the text there is the name and surname

You should share you search settings for the RG

Hey ! Yep :slight_smile:

Actually, the any field i singular… While your name use two fields. You won’t get any result because the search is probably looking for 1 field that contain the full name,

Would you have a solution?

I think there’s some plugins that are more powerful for search like fast fuzzy search

Our solution is to create an additional text field in the database containing a concatenation of strings to search. For example if we wanted to search by any of first name, last name, city, or phone number we would create a field Text Search containing

thing's first name :append " " :append
thing's last name :append " " :append
thing's city :append " " :append
thing's phone number :formatted as string with no delimiters

For the little bit of extra pre-processing and setup required, we have found a few benefits to this:

  1. The search is fast as it is hitting a single field, that is indexed by Bubble because it is a text field.
  2. We have explicit control over the fields to search, while still having “or” conditions across those fields.
  3. Similarly this avoids unintentional matches against fields such as slug or created.

We have one other trick for going in the opposite direction. Where we want one field to have an “or” match against multiple criteria, e.g. “Paris or Vancouver or Singapore”. In this case we use the “is in” operator against a list of the conditions.

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