Bugged group in new responsive


i accidentaly switch page to new responsive and most of time im struggling with that.

Please, could you help me with that:

I need to have three groups in row (wide screen) and in column on mobile like that:

But if i have just only these three groups, it looks like that:

(there are big gaps)

So only way i found is to have another empty big group under everything. (then it looks like on first picture)

But! on right side i have big white space on mobile.

I really dont know what to do with that… 20% of time i made whole logic and 80% im struggling with this…
Or tell me please how to make standard group responsive.
Thank you.

Michal Stoklasa

I’d recommend watching one of these guides on YouTube on how the new responsive editor works. It’s fairly straightforward but you’ll save so much time once you understand how it works first rather than trying to clear each roadblock without understanding the why.


Josh @ Support Dept
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You´re right, i will.

Thank you.

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