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Build a full SCRUD application in less than 25 minutes - Bubble vs Wappler

In this thread there was a mention of a new no-code platform Wappler which appears to be a very legit Bubble competitor.
So I gave it a quick look and was impressed with what I saw.
But I noticed that even though these two platforms are competitors it appears the communities are world apart - most Bubble users don’t know about Wappler and vice versa.

So I thought it will be useful for both communities to have an idea of the other product.
Recently a Wappler user posted a youtube video walkthrough of creating a full SCRUD (search, create, read, update, delete) application in Wappler in about 15minutes (excluding database and server setup) (see link below).

After watching I decided to also create a similar SCRUD application in Bubble.
This took me 25minutes but included the database setup and data permissions as well as a login functionality which the Wappler video didn’t have.

The goal is for Wappler users who don’t know Bubble to have an idea of what bubble is.
It is also for new users to both Bubble and Wappler who want to compare both platforms.

Note that this is not a video tutorial but rather a walkthrough video with me talking to myself (and some nice background music) of creating a complete application in Bubble.
(Though it’s not a tutorial you can learn a lot from it if you’re new to bubble).
There was no script and I didn’t edit anything.

Bubble SCRUD application walkthrough in 25minutes

Wappler SCUD application walkthrough in 15minutes

After watching both video it evident where each platform’s strengths and weakenesses are.

  • With the bubble video about 20 out of the 25 minutes was spent on building the UI - the database, permissions, workflow and field bindings all took just about 5minutes.
  • Also because Wappler uses the bootstrap framework you don’t have to worry about responsive settings. In Bubble making your site responsive takes a lot of time.
  • In the case of Wappler creating the UI was a breeze and most time was spent on creating the search queries and bindings
  • It’s very easy and quick to start a project in Bubble. In Wappler (not shown in the video) it will take some time to install the database (mysql), server (php), etc.
  • Also because bubble is a hosted and online system, its easy to collaborate and share the project. You can easily login into a bubble project and start your development. Wappler is a desktop application that you have to install on your computer.
  • Finally for people with no-code or web-development background I think Bubble is still an easier path than Wappler. But for developers who want complete freedom and control, Wappler seems more suitable.

Take away
If there is one thing @Bubble should learn from Wappler, it is having a layout manager like bootstrap and framework 7 (for mobile apps).
This is something a lot of us have requested several times. But seeing it in Wappler really makes me want it more in bubble.

Currently my go to solution is using the AirDevs Canvas as a starting point for my app and quickly creating responsive UI with their pre-built pages and modules/assets.

Bubble finally has a real competitor.


That’s a really useful overview of Wappler. Seems really impressive. I have had a couple of clients mention it to me but never had the opportunity to deep-dive into the platform.

Couldn’t agree more with your comments about the difference in the UI capabilities. Fine-tuning UI in bubble does take a lot of time and a responsive framework will definitely make things easier. Having said that, the ease of spinning off a fairly complex application in no time and without getting into database setups and package installations is totally epic imo.

Any thoughts on the community around wappler? I absolutely love the community here which has taught me so much. I can’t imagine using the tool as much as I do, if it wasn’t for the community and all its support.

Also, came across this new platform called Boundless ( Haven’t dived in but looks promising on the surface.

@seanhoots We hear you about the layout manager and making UI part of app development easier in Bubble. More to come on this.


Hi @anil interestingly they also have an amazing community like here.
It’s funny how both communities are living in worlds apart.
I’m hoping with this I will start bringing the two communities together so we all know each others tool.

So I’ve posted this video in their forum too.

You can checkout their forum here. Its as helpful and vibrant as the bubble forum from the little i’ve seen.

Thanks. Definitely signing up and checking the app and the community more.

Thanks @neerja, that will be a great addition to bubble.
But you guys should monitor their progress because currently they’re your real competitor and there are some few things they’re doing very well that you guys can learn from.


Someone at wappler thinking the same about bubble now :thinking: :smile:

Yep. When i posted the Bubble video on the Wappler forum, the founder ( George Petrov) immediately liked my post.

Competition is really good and will benefit us the users especially.

Yeah, competition can only make the platforms better.

What did they use to say - Software is eating the world? Time for No-Code to eat up software development :grinning:

Here is the thread I posted on the Wappler forum.
The founder, George, commented on the thread about what he thinks makes Wappler a good choice :smiley:

My God I’m absolutely blown away by the speed of the Wappler sites :scream:.

Funny, I don’t see Wappler as a competitor. rather another wordpress like sitebuilder. Emo, you can start your own with

What makes wappler much different than phpmaker or other applications like that?

@Codeables I think you mean missing an s

I’m not sure I’m seeing the same thing as you. It works like Bubble, a full stack developer environment. The main difference is you host it on your own infrastructure and it generates semantic code.

I agree they have two different target audience, though. It’d be quite hard for a true non-coders to figure out how to effectively manage infrastructure to run their apps.

The ability to pick your own hosting infrastructure is a huge plus point. Regional Servers , your own choice of DB and access to the source code opens up a lot of possibilities.


Very interesting. I see Wappler as bridging the gap between a “no code prototype” in Bubble (which, after 2 years of using Bubble including a live app with users, I’ve come to terms with the fact that Bubble is a spectacular MVP [minimum viability product] builder, “let’s get a concept going fast” tool that will operate just fine at the start of your application… But once you start running into true performance limits, you’re kinda stuck.) and a true hardcore software environment w/ frameworks with the ultimate freedom to make everything as performant as you need it to be.

I see the progression as follows - Get your concept going… Spend a few $100/month with Bubble at the start of your business, to Wappler once you have growth and need to start getting serious with performance, your own hosting server (which is a MAJOR plus in the software biz) with actual semantic code (another MAJOR plus… take your code from one place to another…) w/ “mid-tier” software team and lower skilled front end, and then to the hardcore software environment with a professional software team and well skilled front end . As a software business owner myself, each tool looks like they each have their place in the different lifecycle of getting a software application from the start to finish.

Thank you for sharing this. I still love Bubble - It has its place, for sure and I’ll continue building and paying for my Professional plan for our <10 user/month app. What I find ironically funny is Bubble is pushing for more flexibility/performance/developer control while Wappler appears to be pushing for more ease of use/simplicity/onboarding less experienced “non coders”.

Good time for software development, I’d say.


When you talk about performance limits is it related to the app itself or the bubble db?

Thanks for mentioning.

@andrewgassen Webflow is a true competitor with their CMS feature.

Combination of regional servers, page size and how you configure your app.

Let’s say for a example you do a search for users that match a certain email. How would you configure that in Bubble? Most people would do the following.

Search for User's > Email = {EMAIL_ADDRESS}

But you have to do the following to make it fast, (really fast!)

Search for User's email:first item > Email = {EMAIL_ADDRESS}


There are many times, when discussing why it isn’t worth doing “screen specs”, where I have fired up a JS editor and stuck some Bootstrap inputs on there and moved the page size about. It makes it really really easy.

@seanhoots Great post. Thanks.