Build a screen with in-built app logic

Hello, I am trying to create a website but I am getting stuck at applying the following logic:

  1. A group of say, 5 users is created (no. of users can vary). They bid the following points: U1: 100, U2: 100, U3: 40, U4: 50, U5: 100
  2. 3 users (U1, U2, U3) who have bid on team1 and lost the bet.
  3. This 240 lost points should be proportionately distributed amongst the winners proportionate to their bids i.e. U4 will get 80 points & U5 will get 160 points.
  4. For each user on his Group dashboard tab, I want to show his winnings from other users in the Group.
  5. I also want to consolidate this winnings at each User level and show it in his main dashboard screen.

How do I build this logic in Bubble?

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