Build a to do List in bubble

Trying to make a to do list at the moment, similar to the one in the screenshot bellow

At first hand I thought that I’d have to drop a input inside of a repeating group that displays to do:s. Regarding saving the to do list, I thought i could create a workflow that changes the content field of the to do when some one clicks away from the to do list page, with the expression Todo-content (field in my data base) = To do list input. Then I realised that I cant’t reference that input in the expression because it sits in a RG. I dont really know how to tackle this build now and I would really appreciate if could get some examples of how to tackle it

You can set states in any group in an RG’s cell. Those states only exist within their own cells.

Create a workflow to save the input’s value to the cell’s state on “an input value chaged” workflow.

Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 12.46.53

The input that I want to reference doesn’t show up in the dropdown