Build development management into bubble

It occurs to me that while Bubble does an excellent job of replacing the code part of code based systems it does not compete when it comes to the kind of project development, testing and documentation support you find in most IDEs. This is actually where most of a projects problems come from.

All systems will have a bunch of common features.

  1. Bug Reports. = how do users report bugs against a page or feature?
  2. Feature Requests = how do users request features, vote up features or engage with the developer
  3. Development Status = how do developers keep track of the status of pages or features under development.
  4. Tests = Where do page and feature tests get recorded. Where do testers report performance? How do you specify roles with test and develop teams?
  5. Automated tests = If an expected value can be set given specific inputs (e.g to an equation workflow) where do you enter an automated test?
  6. Debug elements = how do you specify that an element or group (a feature) is not for deployment?
  7. Big picture = where can you see the entire project tree of pages and features colour coded by development status? and assigned by dev teams?

Yes you can build it all with bubble, but if the point of bubble is to make development easier isn’t it time to look at these bigger picture issues? If bubble is a development system shouldn’t it make management of the development easier like Visual Studio etc.

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I consider bubble great for quick prototyping, but its too unstable, costly and slow for big value apps.

We started to move our project into Wappler

No vendor lock in, complete control is the best.

I don’t disagree but that’s not Bubble’s ambition.

Hi @danielowega, what do you mean by unstable and slow?

Alright @peter let’s do this. All of it can be done and here’s how.

Bug Reports
Several ways, but any channel that you can use to talk with your user is good enough for basic debugging, for example receiving prints, audio and text will go to a great length already.
If you need something more advanced for whatever reason, you can use Fullstory or its alternatives.
We can even make plugins that are able to record a user session and replicate it at will, no need to use external tools. And in “we” I include a plugin maker like me :yum: shameless plug!

Feature Requests
Again, any communication channel will do. If you want something with a different logic, you can use stuff like Uservoice or build your own page for that, not hard with Bubble.

Development Status
You can use a kanban board for that. Several ready made free, paid, web and desktop solutions out there. Or build one with Bubble. Not that hard, again.

Again, you can record user sessions and that can serve as a test recording. Where to store it depends on the tool you use. If it outputs a video, then you use a video storage. If it outputs text, then store that, it can even be stored in the app’s own database.
Of course you can even build a page to review the test sessions yourself.

Automated tests
This, too, can use several tools and services out there that are used to create and run automated tests. Nothing changes from a Bubble app to a React app when it comes to this, really.

I’ve built automated test scripts already and any Bubble app can be tested. Maybe something like video conferencing I’d need to do some research on how I’d do it and how other people solved that, but for 99% of app flows the very same tooling is used.

Send me a private message if you ever need automated tests for an app and I can help you set this up, it’s one of my services :wink:.

Quick explanation on possible tests: I expect that mainly regression tests, which uncovers if an update has broken anything, capacity tests, which simulates several users at once to test capacity usage and also multi user feature tests, which simulates multiple users to see if a feature that requires more than one person using works, like collaborating in a document or drawing in the same board, are the tests Bubblers could use.

But you don’t need specifically me for this, any front-end dev out there that has QA experience should be able to help you with this.

Debug elements
This one I’ll just leave a tip: “Version isn’t development”. With that you can perfectly do this.

Big picture
Some guys once built a tool that extracts a lot of metadata from the app, like color pallete, but I couldn’t find it right now since I don’t remember its name.
It’s not something undoable, but as a generic solution I don’t know how it would work since anything in this direction would take a lot of effort, talk about 100 dev hours to have something usable.

However I imagine you want all of this built inside Bubble already by the Bubble team.
Maybe they do something to help with 1, 4, 5 and 7 one day, but I don’t think it would be anytime soon.

And happy bubbling :blush:

Hi, you can look on the forum many times the bubble engineers break your app or your site won’t load.

Their proprietary framework is not built right to allow for easy improvements. They spend a lot of energy to keep you locked into their platform, where you can’t export your code.

All apps that are not “dedicated” share the same server space, it’s built slow by design.
If one app does a lot of heavy computation on the main server, other apps will suffer in performance. I did not try dedicated because the pricing is outrageous compared to self hosting. Their capacity units that improve performance are arbitrary value, and do not provide clear examples usage.

Another thing is support, I don’t trust them to have full edit access to my application, especially to our database. We report a problem and they shrug it off as “intentional”.

You will find the main people pushing bubble as a viable full stack solution to be plugin or template developer who can profit off misleading you. Same again with tutors and course providers. They haven’t built anything large scale on bubble.

I feel as though many people have switched to wappler or are thinking about it for these reasons. The big thing here is to own your code, being locked into something forever is never a good thing.


Yes, I am building one. But I would rather not have to. I don’t have to build a development environment in the coding world because there are tools out the wazoo. In Bubble I have to do the whole damned thing from scratch before I even start the application.