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🥳 Build Google Chrome Extension without Code

Is it possible to use Bubble’s debugger with the extension?

Yes, the chrome extension is built within bubble so you can access all bubble features

Hello, wondering if it’s possible to run a workflow as soon as the popup window opens (rather than on a button click in the popup)?

I do not want to speak out of turn because I have not tried it, but wouldn’t it just be a workflow “when page is loaded” since the extension is essentially a page on bubble?


Unfortunately this doesn’t work. I guess opening the popup doesn’t count as loading the page.

Hello can you please try the following:

When page Is Loaded → Add a pause before next workflow (1500 ms) → Then do the action you want

Please let me know if that works

This works thank you. If I were to remove the loading animation, would I still need this pause to run workflows?

Also, is there a way to run a workflow automatically when a page is opened in chrome with a specific URL? If JavaScript is needed what would it look like?

No that wouldn’t make a difference.

Yes you can do this by setting up something like this:
When page is loaded → Chrome Extension get URL → Do Action XYZ (Only when chrome extension ULR Is ABC)

Ok got it.

Sorry, I don’t that wouldn’t work for my second question. ‘On page load’ refers to when the extension’s page load (e.g. when you open the popup). But I’m asking howto run a script automatically when a specific page loads in Chrome (i.e. without opening the popup)

No this is unfortunately not possible currently

Hi, I like your extension builder. I have 2 questions:

  1. Each time I make an udate of the app do I have to ask you for a new build?
  2. Can I integrate a user login system into the extension? Will users database data show in bubble app?


  1. no you don’t. Because you will build the actual extension in bubble, every change will be automatically published.

  2. Yes that’s possible. As your chrome extension will be built in bubble, you can access All bubble functionality (including authentication)


Build a Chrome Extension that takes a screenshot of the current tab without code !

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Is there a way how to set a browser cookie from the extension? Currently it seems it’s not working.

Hi @Anticode- awesome plugin! As far as scraping is concerned, how does it do with rate limiting?

You can set a browser cookie for the bubble app embedded in the chrome extension but not for the current tab of the user.
You would have to inject a custom script for this

Hi, there is no rate-limiting enforced from our side.

How would we set up getting an image URL from the page?

New Feature:

  • Dynamic Text-to-Speech Action!

New Feature: Native Tab Capture

  • Make a screenshot of the current users tab without any external service/api