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🥳 Build Google Chrome Extension without Code

Hi, @Anticode! For the injecting custom javascript action, is it possible to pass dynamic data for the getElementById() or do you have to have the specific element id? I’m trying to inject JS onto certain text regardless of the web site.

Yes you can use dynamic data as well!

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New Video!

In this video you will learn how to build a chrome extension without code that converts any webpage into the darkmode equivalent!
We will use a bubble app and our chrome extension package + plugin, to inject a custom script into the browser, that inverts all colors.

Build an Amazon Scraper Chrome Extension without code


This is dynamite. I still fear getting rate limited by Amazon, IG, etc., but a robust proxy network could work around that.

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Hi @Anticode, is it possible for the extension to Read and Write data on a specified website without having to manually click on the extension?

I’d like to add a button to pages of a single site and want this to happen automatically rather than the user having to select the extension first.


Heya, I’m really interested in purchasing the extension bundle. Before I do please can you advise me whether it will work for my use case?

I’d like to extract data from a page. The data is held in a table. Individual cells do not have unique CSS IDs.

Will the Extract data workflows for Class, ID and Tag allow me to, for example, extract data from the 3rd cell on the 2nd row?

Can I use an expression like .table-class tr:nth-child(2) td:nth-child(3) to target cells in a table?

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately not with our current functionality


thank you for your message. We have an action included called “Custom Query Selector”. This basically allows you to use all supported expressions to select a specific element. So if the expression “.table-class tr:nth-child(2) td:nth-child(3)” works correctly normally it will also work in the chrome extension to extract data.

Amazing thanks.

Just thought of another question: if I target a selector with more than one value, like a class used in several places, will the plugin send Bubble a text list?

No, currently you will have to fetch each piece of text individually

Hey @Anticode !

I’m interested in this extension bundle but I wanted to know if the extension coul also replaces the page you see when opening a new tab?

I’m creating an experience that displays a dashboard after clicking the new tab button.