Build landing page for existing app

Hello bubblers.

Need someone to help me design the landing page for my app.

This will be the simplest bubble related work you will do as all I require is a simple landing page with nice design (happy to use a template) that matches the rest of the app colour schemes.

I will give you a brief of what my app does and then the hope is you go out there and build the landing page without bothering me too much while I build out the rest of the app.

A competent designer can do this 2 hours. That’s the level of simplicity I am after.

Something like this page would be nice.

Also has to be responsive. Please comment on here or email

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I can surely help you with the same, it would be great if you can ping me on my Skype so that we can discuss it ahead,my Skype id: cis.am2.

Kind regards,
Anna J


PM you.
Please, check your inbox.

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