Build ON/OFF Switches, Swipe to do Action, Choice Sliders Demo

Some cool ways to boost the mobile like features…

Live: GO!

Editor: GO!


Thanks. It work well with new iOS 11. Love it!

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Working perfect on android too.

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the plugin MoveIt! is added to the app although no being used too if your interested in having a play

I updated the on / off button to include click support for browsers… really is a great little method.

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I have a repeating group that I would like to add the option to swipe to “Show Next” or “Show Previous”. Would this help with that?

You could use the choice style you see in the demo, setup a bubble button for back & one for forward with 0px width & height, give the buttons an id - then when the choice is made use the,


Then just make the bubble buttons have the respective actions inside the workflow for show next & prev.

I would really love to use your Plugin, where can I find it?