Build questionare

Hey, I would like to build questionare based on users selected subcategory dropdown.

Lets say user selects subcategory: Construction works.
Then for the selected subcategory would be around 5-10 questions with 3-10 options to choose from or input field if user doesnt suit any of the offered answers.

Then based on Q1 answer would go to Q2.

For example.
1 Question (also title) What you want master to do?

  1. Inside works

  2. Outdoor works

  3. Roof works

  4. Cellar works

  5. Windows

  6. [user input answer]

  7. Question based on first ones answer: (Lets say user selected “Roof works”)
    Questions title would be smthg like: What kind of Roof repairs?

  8. Old roof repair

  9. New roof construction

  10. Water drain change or repair

  11. [user input answer]

  12. Question also title: When woul you like it to be done?

  13. Today

  14. Tomorrow
    3.This week

  15. Next week

  16. Next month

I have subcategories as option set and i guess this would also need to be option set, but i cant figure out how to properly start to construct them, because i have a lot of subcategories, and questions and answers for each subcategory would be different and amount aswell.

any any help would be much appreciated! :100: :100: :100:

At this level of complexity it’ll be more efficient and manageable to just embed a Typeform and use their API to add responses to the database

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Thank you, now - ill goo find out wahts Typeform!

But if im correct then Typeform have 10 answer a month on free tier. Cant do that for startup.

Nothing comes for free…

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