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Building A cloud storage business

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere else.

I am interested in building a document storage service for military members and I was wondering if would be a good platform to do it on. I am trying to service anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 people. The app basically works like this:

users will be able to login to a very beautiful dashboard where they can see categories of all of their professional documents that they will be able to store throughout their careers (To include: Awards, Evaluations, letters, qualifications, etc.)

The app will need some type of “document scan function”
and will also need to have a cloud storage function for users.

I.E - Members can take a picture with their phone and scan docs.
And they will also be able to upload via desktop.

Also, the storage will have to be secure. Maybe some type of encryption?
I’m not really sure. Essentially its a dropbox, but catered to members in armed services.

I am obviously not a coder, but I am trying to become more knowledgeable about these things. If anybody could help me out, I would be extremely grateful! Thank you all!!!

Welcome to Bubble. If you want I can setup your database logic and privacy rules. This will help you get started

Wow, really appreciate that. If you could further explain the infrastructure part to me that would be awesome. It’s something I have been dying to understand.

It’s not a lot of work but we can book a session together.


Are you ready :grinning: