Building a code compiler on Bubble

I could be using the wrong terminology so let me explain my use case and what I have done.

Looking to build a functionality on our app enabling two or more users to join a call anonymously (using Canvas video template for this). I would like to have a simple code compiler embedded in the call (if you press a button, the entire page becomes a compiler), enabling one of the users to write code using Python, R or SQL, run the code with the output being returned at the bottom of the page.

I am using the API connector to connect with Sphere Engine so I can send the code written and get the output returned.

My Issue
I am having an issue replicating this:

So in simple terms, creating a frame enabling;

  • a user to enter code
  • an output frame returning the output of the code that has been run by the user

This is more of a UX/design question than anything else at this point

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