Building a competition based social networking

Hey I am building a competition based social networking app. I have used repeating groups to show all the competitions that the users would create on the platform. Now I want the following functionality

a) I will put a button participate in front of all the competitions. For participation, users will have to upload an image/video on the platform.
b) When a user clicks on it, he/she should be redirected to a page which does two things-

i) Shows all the existing participants and the photos/videos they have uploaded.
ii) providing an uploading option to the user. If the user uploads, image/video uploaded would automatically become a part of that page.

I am a non-techie and i am building my first app using bubble. please help.

@bajajaditya91 Could you share a test page that contains the Repeating Group and buttons to upload. This looks like a standard use case. Video ‘saving stuff on the server’ should cover the main concept for the page

Here is a link to the page-

Problems are two fold-

  1. How do I link participation to a particular competition and show all the participations together. ( Its like comment to a post problem). Also how does the current participation become a part of the current list of participations.
  2. How do I allow users to upload a video and save it.

@bajajaditya91 Checkout this test page. It looks like your data structure is correct where Participation has a field for Competition. The RG shows a list of Participations constrained on Competition field = dropdown’s value. You can replace this with current page thing instead of dropdown value if you will have 1 competition per page view.

Also added a video element that can playback videos uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo and Ziggeo. There are multiple plugins for video recording on the marketplace.

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Thanks for the response.

@neerja Can you please add the following functionality to it. I am struggling with it-

Current user when after checking out a particular competition from the drop down wants to participate. Participation is through uploading an image so a an image uploader is required. So when he/she uploads an image after selecting a competition, it becomes a part of list of participations. The whole purpose gets defeated if this functionality is not there.

I have added a picture uploader and a submit button to the page. I need help with their functionality.

@bajajaditya91 Page updated with approach and testing gif below. It will be helpful for you to go through lessons and webinars.

Thanks for the response. It really helped.

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