Building a Flashcard Maker App

Hi, I am in need of a developer that could help me build a simple Flashcard Maker app for mobile using Bubble io. There will be two modes for the app: Edit Mode, where the app lets users to edit (add text, sketches, images) their flashcards, and Review Mode, where the user can review and use the flashcards.

Would it all be possible for the app to be built in 1-2 days?


Hey @vingle952020

Bubble is a magical world however I don’t think your project would be do-able in 1 or 2 days. You have to go through different steps to complete a project (design, development, testing…).
Depending on the number of pages, and whether or not you already have the design and features list ready, I’d say it could be completed in a couple of weeks maybe.

Once again we’d need to have some visibility on what you’re looking to build exactly here before being able to say for sure of course.

Cheers and best of luck

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